"As my work has developed over the years I find increasingly that I identify with, and respond to, the sensuality of nature and landscape in all its aspects."

"These concerns were first evidenced in my aerial landscape paintings which were a direct result of my lifelong interest in flying and viewing the unique elegance of the earth from above. Although this viewpoint is still of considerable artistic concern my recent efforts have gravitated more towards dealing with natural forms on a smaller scale. I enjoy working in a variety of media and on varying scales although very large watercolors continue to be my dominant direction."

"The abstracts were a natural progression resulting from my quest to deal with formal artistic elements without consciously basing them on tangible imagery. I am equally interested in both approaches to painting and feel neither is more valid than the other."


B.A. Arizona State University
M.A. Indiana University
Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Art Students League, New York


Marin Arts Council Artist Grant Program funded by the Leonard and Beryl Buck Trust
National Air and Space Museum, First Prize, Earth View  Competition, Smithsonian